Hacking Click-to-Tweet and TweetDis! (with BONUS FREE Canva templates to remix)

So I recently discovered the magic of Twitter Intent. It used to be a mystery but a post on the Zapier blog shed the light.

Click to Tweet Google SheetAll you have to do is to append “https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?text=” in front of the tweet you want to send and tada! (You either need to use a googlehseet or Javascript to do it)


Use the bit.ly Access token to generate your own branded bit.ly or generic bit.ly and you don’t have to pay Click to Tweet’s $47.50 a year or be hostage to 5 basic links or for TweetDis’ $17 wordpress plugin.

Click to Tweet Googlesheet

Create a free account with Canva and download these remixable templates!Go to Canva and remix any one of the templates to create your own custom TweetDis / Tweetable Quotes / Click to Tweet images.

Tweet This Quote

To generate a URL for the picture, you can host it on Imgur or Pinterest and copy the link address.

Slap everything into a googlesheet and bam!

You have limitless options to customise how you want to include tweetable quotes / TweetDis style images on your website or blog (btw they get up to 20% more shares! Change the colour, change the fonts. The images below are all sized 1024×512 and can be remixable!

Tweet This Quote - Pink

And it’s free! I’ve even thrown in a quote bank of 240+ Quotes for you to use!

Quote Bank

If you feel like it, you can make a $25 donation to my Pencils of Promise Campaign. That will fund a kid through school for a year (ok ok I’m almost done! I’ve raised $73.8K and have another $1.2K to go! And that would be 3 schools!)

I Helped Debbie Fund a Student - Tweet This

Warfarin Tweet This

Go on — don’t feel bad taking my templates for free! But do consider making a donation — just think about it, what is $25 to educate a child for a year. 🙂


Enjoy Twitter Image


Live Your Dream - Tweet Dis


Live Laugh Love Gold Twitter Image


Have a great weekend!

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